Our StoryThe History of Diquez

Inspired by the opportunity in the petroleum jelly category and to improve the consumer experience, Mr. Oscar H. Francois developed and launched the DIQUEZ® brand of petroleum jelly in March 1985.

Ensuring relevance and staying true to his Caribbean roots, his initial portfolio began with two variants, Pure and Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly. In 1986, the Nursery Petroleum Jelly variant was added to the portfolio, with its iconic label design featuring the DIQUEZ® Bunny. The success of these variants catapulted Mr. Francois to expand the Petroleum Jelly variants leading to a total of seven PJ variants; Nursery, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Pure, Scented, Aloe Scented and Citronella.

Our Growth

The economic recession of the late 1980’s forced local manufacturers to grow their business in other markets. In response, export missions in 1988 and 1990 introduced DIQUEZ to the wider Caribbean with the unique understanding of the needs of our Caribbean people; Diquez® was created for Caribbean people, by Caribbean people.

Investments in mass media in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s solidified DIQUEZ as a household name in the local market, building the brand on heritage and tradition, without any sacrifice of quality.

FUN FACT: DIQUEZ® was named after Mr. McDonald Diquez, a former business partner.
"Ensuring our Caribbean babies are well taken care of is very important to Diquez. It is this love and care that has inspired us to continue developing and innovating quality products that provide quality care."